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Each Day a New Beginning Group of Alcoholics Anonymous located in Boquete and David Panama.

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We are the largest English speaking meetings of AA in western Panama.  We have meetings in Boquete and David.  Chirigui is the western most state of Panama and is located on the border with Costa Rica.  David and Boquete are 6 1/2 hours from Panama City by car We are One hour by Air.

Boquete English Meetings are held in Alto Boquete in a house on the west side of the David /Boquete Highway.  At the first intersection before San Francisco Plaza as you head toward David from Boquete, just after the Sports Stadium. (Click Here for Map

Each Day a New Beginning

Boquete Al Anon Meeting

are held in the AA meeting house in Alto Boquete. (See directions to AA meetings above.)

Monday - 1 pm  - Open meeting

Bocas del Toro English AA Meeting

Saturday - 9 am to 10 am - Open meeting

Classroom 4, School to the right of

Iglesia Catredral Nuestra Señora Carmen

Catholic church on 3ra Calle Principal/"Main Street"

Saturday - 9 am to 10 am - Open meeting

For info Phone: 6811-7714 or 69009890

Wednesdays 12:30 P.M. open meeting

Give and Surf Community Center

West of the cemetery

(Google “Give and Surf Community Center“ for map)

+507 6604-9640 for info/assistance

Updated May 2, 2021

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Alcoholics Anonymous Boquete Panama